Accountants for Tax Returns, Bookkeeping and small business services

Our clients recommend us because “We're not just good with numbers we're also good with people.” We strive to bring a little light into the life of small to medium sized businesses.

Total Books offers to help you clear space and time with Sage certified & AAT licensed experts taking over those Bookkeeping and Accounting jobs you'd rather not be doing. We have the commercial know how to advise you on ways to grow and we always take the time to understand your business priorities and individual needs. Not only that, but we offer extremely flexible working hours which suit you.

Perhaps we should also mention, there's no retainer and you can either set a budget upfront or only be billed for the actual time used. This pricing not only makes us extremely popular but also highly competitive.

We're so confident about Total Books, the first month’s fees are guaranteed. Turning the cost of hiring a bookkeeper into an asset for your firm. Why not give us a call and let us give you Total peace of mind..

" The advice and guidance given by
Mr Rafiq was of critical importance when negotiating the acquisition. I would not hesitate to recommend his services."
Mr S. Higgs. Director - Ashlea Components Ltd
Buhir Rafiq is licensed and regulated by the association of accounting technicians to provide services in accordance with Practising Licence number 4014, details of which are displayed at the address shown.